Long Days of Summer

It’s not usual for me to go rummaging through old blog posts. But as I was looking for something or other a few days ago, that’s exactly what I ended up doing. In turn, that’s how I came across the photo above which, by the way, was posted the end of June last year, which is to say, a year ago today (here). (How time does fly indeed.)

I suppose I can update that summertide report of mine by first of all saying that Jovana is still little, though she no longer takes baths in the sink. She has outgrown that stage, I’m afraid. In fact, pretty soon she’ll be out of her crib. Her new bed came in yesterday and she’s already managed to crawl and climb her way to find a new sleeping spot. She’s getting tired of hi-chairs as well and fights to sit on a grown up chair. The photo below was taken last week, we took the kids to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. On the way back we met up with some friends and had dinner.

The boys, Vasilije and Lazar, started playing tennis with me this summer. We play at the high school and go in the evenings mostly. They’re getting the hang of it. Vaso even managed to beat me last night in a very good game played by him. Nikolina, on the other hand, will be joining the boys the week after next in her first year of camp. She’s very excited. And Jelena, well, she’s far from being jealous. I think she’s looking forward to staying home and getting all the attention.

We’ll see what happens in the end for summer has only begun. God grant us all good health that it be a fun one and that we may see many, many more.


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