Half a million Guatemalan Indians accepted Orthodoxy

Anyone have anymore info about this?

[Machine translation] Recently, Orthodox Church accepted into its bosom the so-called “Orthodox-Catholic Church of Guatemala, which was a branch of” Orthodox-Catholic Church of America, “according to Sedmitsa.Ru. Founded in the late 19th century, it was not in canonical communion with the Local Orthodox Churches.

However, for several months, as the former “Orthodox-Catholic Church of Guatemala has been active in the jurisdiction of the Constantinople Patriarchate, reported in the Mexican metropolis of Ecumenical Patriarchate, which was adopted by the Guatemalan church.

A particularly important role in bringing half a million Guatemalans into the bosom of the Orthodox Church played a Serb – Archimandrite Andrew (Vujisich).

“Orthodox-Catholic Church of Guatemala,” consists of more than half a million faithful, most of them – local, Indian population, with 334 churches in Guatemala and southern Mexico, and 12 priests.

With the blessing of Metropolitan Athenagoras of Mexico Archimandrite Andrew (Vujisich) took the hard work in training qualified personnel, knowledgeable in the culture of Guatemala and Latin America for leadership positions in the now canonical Orthodox Church.

Surprisingly, the Indians may soon become the main ethnic group in the Orthodox Church in the Americas. “Personally, I would be glad,” – said recently, primate of the Orthodox Church in America, Metropolitan Jonah.

He noted that the Catholic Church is losing influence in Latin America because of too close relations with the ruling classes. Much of the poorest people who constitute the majority of the region, frustrated in Catholicism, goes to the Protestants, Mormons and others, explains the head of the American Orthodox Church.


2 thoughts on “Half a million Guatemalan Indians accepted Orthodoxy

  1. can you fill in some details on this massive story?

    I heard Ancient Faith Radio mention the rather stunning fact that 500,000 Guatemalans were just received into the Orthodox Church.

    This guys thinks that perhaps it was 50,000 instead…?

    I mean 50 or 500, thats a huge difference, but at the same either number is huge!

    1- Do you know was it 500 or 50?

    2- I assume this group was some kind of Roman Catholic order? can’t find much explanation anywhere of who this massive group was…

    Orthodox in Oklahoma

  2. It is a good harbinger for Orthodoxy that a half-million Guatemalan Indians have accepted Orthodoxy as their religion — especially when one keeps in mind Latin America’s Roman Catholic tradition.
    Regarding Christianity, many theologians believe that Catholicism prevailed in the first millennium; Protestantism prevailed in the second millennium; and now, Orthodoxy is prevailing — and will continue to prevail — in the third millennium. Indeed, Orthodoxy is the most dynamic and attractive Christian religion in the world at the present time.

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