Truth is the Historical Jesus Christ

I meant to post about St. Justin of Celije yesterday and not today as yesterday was not only his feast day but, since his glorification this past May, this was in fact the first celebration of it.

The always sharp Felix Culpa beat me to the punch early yesterday with two posts (here and here) so I figured I might as well wait until later on in the day when I’d be able to at least post some photos from the celebration. That never happened. They only posted them this morning on the patriarchate site.  Instead, a few news sites reported yesterday about the celebration and judging from the coverage the biggest news piece seemed to be the fact that Bishop Irinej of Backa got sick during liturgy.

You can view more photos here. Below is a quote of St. Justin which I found courtesy of Pandelis’ comment yesterday which led me to the Orthodox Christian Fellowship blog (here):

In Christianity truth is not a philosophical concept nor is it a theory, a teaching, or a system, but rather, it is the living theanthropic hypostasis – the historical Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Before Christ men could only conjecture about the Truth since they did not possess it. With Christ as the incarnate divine Logos the eternally complete divine Truth enters into the world. For this reason the Gospel says: “Truth came by Jesus Christ” (John 1:17).

~St. Justin Popovich


3 thoughts on “Truth is the Historical Jesus Christ

  1. Darlene > It’s amazing more people don’t discover Orthodoxy when they read not only books but simple quotes from the Holy Fathers. Thanks for the comment.

    Pandelis> I enjoyed your blog. I’ve added it to my blogroll.

  2. Father bless,

    I am honoured that you visited our humble blog and posted the quote by St Justin, who is one of my beloved saints with St Nikolai Velimirovich. Although I am Greek, I feel that I have an affinity with these two great saints of the Church.

    I visit your blog often and enjoy reading your posts. I have also emailed some of your articles to members of our small fellowship at university.

    Please don’t hold it against me that I will be cheering for Australia against Serbia in the World Cup, but even if we lose, I won’t mind;)

  3. Father,

    I’ve come here today for the first time. What a most profound quote from St. Justin Popovich. I just became introduced to him recently and find his depth to be quite refreshing.

    Hailing from many years of American Evangelicalism has its disadvantages, namely a disconnect with historical Christianity. Presentism is the mindset of such Christianity which exemplifies all the popular speakers of the day. It is like being cut off from the main source of the vine with only withering grapes to munch upon. Looking back, I wonder how I survived, but I know the answer…by the grace and mercy of God.

    I praise God for leading me to His Holy, Orthodox Church. The treasures are endless and the wisdom bountiful.

    Bless You Father!

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