Disappointment and Humiliation

Today’s the big day. Though the World Cup officially opened on Friday today’s the day Serbs have been waiting for as Serbia was schedule to play. The game, against Ghana, aired this morning, around the time we were in church so unfortunately we didn’t get to see it. Worse yet, they lost. Ghana’s victory this morning was the first win for any African side at the South Africa 2010 tournament.  Our next game is on Friday against Germany, who, by the way, defeated Australia today 4-0.  Big disappointment today. (Almost as big as England’s yesterday who I’m sure were expecting a win.)

But there was also humiliation reported a few days ago regarding the Serbian team.  Well, not the team but the ESPN poster above for the Serbian team. Issues with it:

1. The map excludes Kosovo!

2. The birds flying around look like sea gulls while the Serbian national bird is the eagle.

3. Worse yet, the colors are in the order of the Yugoslavian flag.

See full story here. Click here to see all the ESPN team posters.


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