Something Different

I’ve heard the phrase ‘smells and bells’ to signify high-church (from my days with Anglicans in Atlanta, who by the way allowed us to use their church;  a very traditional, smells and bells parish), but this is more along the lines of smells and….. bikes.

Yesterday I discovered for the first time the website of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago. A very nice page by the way.  And there I found this article entitled Bishop Demetrios Blesses Motorcycles (here). There is also a video clip:

4 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Romanos, I live in Denver, and the image you described of Metropolitan Isiah (the former marine) is NOT hard to imagine. Especially considering the Metropolis headquarters has a U.S. Marines flag flying out front. LOL.

  2. And why shouldn’t there be a ceremonial blessing of Orthodox motorcycles and their riders?
    Though I cannot verify it, I have heard (perhaps from my son Jacob who graduated from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA) that Bishop Isaiah of Denver does or used to ride a motorcycle. I’ve always pictured him on a ‘cycle, wearing his blacks, with headgear and all flying in the wind (just in imagination!).

  3. FATHER! Why did you post this?!? Now I have the insatiable desire to make a Serbian biker vest!

  4. I find it very unusual for Greek Orthodox clergy to conduct a “Bless the Motorcycle” ceremony; however, the motorcyclists and clergy appear to be very sincere and spiritual in this ceremony. Since it is probably celebrated only once each year, I believe this may be a worthwhile tradition. If nothing else, at least this ceremony will enhance the motorcyclists’ self-assurance that Christ is helping to protect them as they ride their motorcycles.

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