Just another road trip

One of the beautiful memories I have from last weekend’s consecration in North Carolina is the pious sound of the Eastern American Diocesan Youth Choir.  I was just reminded of them this afternoon as I came across this article (here) on the Russian Eastern Diocesan website regarding their visit. I found the cute picture above in the photo gallery. Must have been from their Russian Orthodox Caravan (see photos).

It wasn’t just the fact that they sounded good which impressed us. It was their age, their excitement, their enthusiasm. Their love for God and their Orthodox Church. But more importantly, it was their age. Or did I already mention that? Maybe we should have been impressed with their voices instead.  After all, isn’t it natural for them to be enthusiastic about their faith regardless of how old they are?  Granted, maybe our little ones aren’t too thrilled with long service but college students should be another story. Certainly they should be mature enough and serious enough in their lives to find the beauty of their Orthdox faith. It’s how we brought them up, to love their Serbian, or Russian or Greek Orthodoxy, to love and respect their Church.  Or, is it that when we see young people taking a serious interest in their faith that we instantly step back and stare in wonderment.

No, this was no miracle in North Carolina; no reason for us to be amazed by the young choir that sounded so….young.  They didn’t spend the last six weeks studying the services and the chants. No, this is how they were brought up, taught from their youth. It is impressive, nonetheless, to think that for all those major church services last weekend which included Vigil, the Great Consecration and then a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy with four bishops serving, responses were not sung by a professional and experienced choir who knew what to do. It was handled by, well, kids. And they handled it beautifully and professionally. Like they’ve been doing this sort of thing their whole lives.

Here’s a few seconds from the Vigil service my wife recorded with her camera:


3 thoughts on “Just another road trip

  1. Thank you for the kind words, Fr. Milovan! As a member of the choir, I know I speak for all of us when I say that we really love doing this and are constantly working to keep the religious aspect of this work as our top priority. A response like this is very encouraging, and we were honored for the chance to beautify the services that weekend.

    Are there any more video clips??

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