A Miracle in Egypt?

We snuck out this morning at four, our usual time of departure, and four hours later we’re making our first stop for some breakfast somewhere in Kentucky. See photo above.

Just read about this miracle in my email this morning which has been circulating the net. I received it in Serbian. Don’t know if anyone else has seen it and, more importantly, if anyone knows how it started in the first place:

A Muslim man in Egypt murdered his wife for reading the Bible. He buried her with their newborn and eight year old daughter. The girls were buried alive!!  He then reported to the police how the uncle killed the children. Five days later someone else from that household died. When they went to bury him they found two girls in the sand – alive!! The entire country is beside themselves because of this miracle. When the older daughter was asked how she survived she replied:

“Everyday a man in a bright white robe came. He had wounds in his hands. The wounds were bleeding. He fed us. He always woke my mother so that she could feed my sister.”

An interview with this girl was televised on Egypt’s national television station, led by a Muslim woman. She said that this man in a bright robe could be no one other than Jesus. Muslims believe that Jesus would be able to do something like this but the wounds mean that He was truly crucified.

This is a quick translation of the email I received.

Back to the road.


2 thoughts on “A Miracle in Egypt?

  1. Yes, I knew it was false. Recently I started receiving the email in Serbian from various people. Everyone wants to believe it. But it’s such a shame as these made-up stories then diminish the authenticity of actual, substantiated miracles.

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