Two years old and smoking

We traveled deeper into the South yesterday arriving in Atlanta sometime in the afternoon after a longer than expected drive as a result of heavy rain, traffic (which included a major accident on the other side of the highway! that people had to slow down and see for themselves). I was a priest here for almost seven years which now seems like a lifetime ago. The South seems so far away but coming here (I was here three years ago) always feels like I’m coming back to something.

Doing a little reading. While at the monastery last Friday I picked up In Search of the Truth – From the Confines of the Watchtower to the Light of  the Historical Church, the story Nicholas Mavromagoulos who tells his story and the story of his friend who grow up in the “Students of the Scriptures” in Greece (which I didn’t realize was the original name of the Jehovah’s Witness’) and how they returned to Orthodoxy. I hope to blog more about when I finish it.

On another note I’m sure many You-tubers have seen this:

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