Vidovdan in Kosovo 2010

From today’s Serbian paper Politika, here: IRINEJ: Both Serbs and Albanians have a right to exist in Kosovo Serbian Patriarch Irinej said yesterday in Gracanica that the Albanian people have an indisputable right to exist in Kosovo and Metohija, but that this is the right of the Serbs as well, for whom Kosovo is aContinue reading “Vidovdan in Kosovo 2010”

O Canada!

Source Canadian Prime Minister Vetoes Srebrenica Resolution The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a right decision when he vetoed the parliaments’ initiative to mark July 11 as a “day of remembrance of the victims of Srebrenica genocide”, the president of the non-governmental organization “Historic Project Srebrenica” Stefan Karganovic stated. “The Prime Minister Harper showedContinue reading “O Canada!”