Diaspora and so-called Diaspora

The above photo is courtesy of the Antiochian Diocese of Los Angeles and the West (see more photos here). Don’t know how many hierarchs are present. Last I heard I believe they were expecting fifty. Fifty bishops on the week of Pentecost. Ironic.

Archbishop Demetrios’, in his opening statement to these the “Bishops of the Diaspora”, clarified this seemingly touchy phrase:

“…The word “Diaspora” is not being used in any pejorative sense; rather it is merely a description of places where no single Autonomous or Autocephalous Church governs all the Orthodox who live therein. In fact, the Message of the Primates, included in your folders, uses the expression, “so-called Diaspora.” I am aware that some of us take offense at the word, but I ask that you apply your understanding to the bigger picture, and that we try to find a word better than the “so-called Diaspora” to describe our situation….”

Read the Archbishop’s address here


One thought on “Diaspora and so-called Diaspora

  1. Well yes. Here in Southern Africa we do have a single autocephalous Church that governs all the Orthodox who live here, but most of our parishes count as “diaspora”. Perhaps what we lack is a “so-called diaspora”. But it still seems a strange definition.

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