An American Orthodox Church?

“Not feasible”, says Metropolitan Philip of the Antiochian Archdiocese in a recent interview.   The reason is rather simple: who would ever recognize it? He states: “The so-called Mother Churches opposes that. Patriarch Bartholomew opposes that. He cannot stand the word Orthodox Unity, for example.” Instead of autocephaly the metropolitan suggests some “creative thinking”:

“…we could have a Synod of Bishops. We have a new situation here in North America and we need some creative thinking. We need some innovation to have a Synod of canonical Bishops.”

Technically speaking, we already have this with SCOBA. In other words, the metropolitan is saying to the Europe bishops who met in Chambesy – Leave us alone. Or, as he says about them:

“They do not know anything about America, all those representatives, nothing.”

Read the interview here.

4 thoughts on “An American Orthodox Church?

  1. We in the USA think we are the only ‘Americans’ – WRONG! We are North Americans and there are Central Americans and South Americans. Only English-speaking North Americans are so arrogant as to claim the title “AMERICAN” for themselves, even excluding our cousins in the GREAT WHITE NORTH – CANADA! I hope if ever there is a unity of the Orthodox Churches it won’t be called AMERICAN Orthodox unless it includes all 3 Americas. Until then I just say Eastern Orthodox.
    Besides, it will never happen until the Second Coming and then who is going to care, right?

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