Pastors: Read on!

Been reading a little of Nadieszda Kizenko’s A Prodigal Saint: Father John of Kronstadt. Would like to post more from the book but regardless of whether I do or not I thought the following should be shared:

“Above all, Father John felt that all of a priest’s activity must be directed toward his parishioners. If the priest, like the medieval king had two bodies – body private and sacramental body public – there was not question which mattered more. It was not enough for the priest to pursue his own salvation of the flock entrusted to him. “It is sinful for a priest to pray only for himself,” he declared, “prayer for his flock must always follow.” Selfishness or self-absorption was a priest’s greatest potential offense: the priest did not have the moral right to a private life. In his diary, Father John chided priests for reading but not passing along the results gained from it to their flocks. “And so, pastors of Christ’s flock read on – but then yourselves speak, yourself write, be like bees… Your life must be dedicated to the well-being of your flock as the life of parents should be dedicated to their children.”


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