The Return

I don’t typically use this blog to recommend movies but wanted to say a few words about a great film I watched last night. The Return is a Russian movie, a psychological thriller, about two brothers who are used to living without their father when suddenly, out of nowhere, he comes back. No hugs and kisses and where’ve you been all these years. He comes back as if he was gone over the weekend. And the next day he takes them on a trip, to finish some work. Where was he all these years? Where is he taking the boys and what kind of work is he in? This is one of those movies that lingers in the mind long after the lights have come on. It’s the story of the longing one son has to have a father in his life again while the other has nothing but contempt for him.

Watch it. And if you have Netflix you can find it in the Watch Instantly department which is what I did.


2 thoughts on “The Return

  1. Somehow the plot of this film — based on the information we are given — reminds me of the parable of The Prodigal Son. The only difference appears to be that it is the father who left his two sons, instead of one of the sons leaving his father.

  2. I saw this film about 6 months ago. A deeply puzzling but completely fascinating film it was too. I recommend it to all!

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