The rich and the poor of this world

“Wealthy is only God and he who has God in himself after Communion. Wealthy is the man who has acquired the earthly riches in an honorable manner and knows how to distribute it in almsgiving and building memorial churches as benefactors. But the wealthiest among men is he who has succeeded to build himself into a living Church of the All-holy Trinity”

– Bishop Danilo (Krstic)


2 thoughts on “The rich and the poor of this world

  1. George, where do you get the figure of 1/3? Didn’t Christ tell the rich man to give away all of his possessions and follow Christ?

    Of course not all poor men are holy or rich men unrighteous, but it’s what we do with EVERYTHING that God gives us- no matter the amount- that we will be judged on. IMHO

  2. A wealthy person is one who has not only amassed a large sum of money, but a person who also donates much of that money — at least a third of it — to the church, to charity, and to less fortunate individuals.

    Moreover, a wealthy person places God above all earthly people and things, and realizes that it is only through God that he has achieved his wealth.

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