The Fun Theory

Wonder know how this Fun Theory, which got people to switch from the effortless escalator to taking the stairs, can be applied to church attendance:


4 thoughts on “The Fun Theory

  1. We know you’re not serious and actually I was joking as well. But if you take a look at this video, at least the first couple of minutes, you can get a glimpse of what happens to a historically traditional church like the Catholic when they try to change with the times. For instance, at 6:10 you can see the gospel being carried inside in a very “cool” way (BTW – the bishop wearing a miter is not Orthodox but Byzantine Catholic)

  2. check out this video….we can translate into Slavonic….it will bring in an entire new group of people and fill the church. I know Nikolina can help you with your moves. I’ve always wanted to direct a choir like this….we gonna have a Holy Ghost party!

    Now before everybody gets annoyed and thinks I am being disrespectful – I am joking but there is something to the Baptist way of preaching and praising the Lord. Enjoy the video, it is an old one but I really like it….it gets me moving.

  3. Fantastic! When you find out how this can be applied to Church you’ll be able to patent it!

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