Easter, Pascha, Resurrection….

Christ is Risen!

The above photo is from the Paschal liturgy in Ukraine (here; also, see Good Friday photos here). Beautiful.

An Interfax news piece (here) reported a few days ago that nearly 90% of Russians were planning to celebrate today’s feast of the Resurrection. In a related story published a few weeks back here in the States we read the following headline: Only 42 percent of US adults equate Easter to Jesus’ resurrection. (See here).

Growing up thinking that curiosity will kill the cat one doesn’t bother to consider that ignorance is much more dangerous.


One thought on “Easter, Pascha, Resurrection….

  1. For some 90 percent of Russians celebrating Easter and Christ’s Resurrection — more than double that of the United States — can only indicate that Russia is a much more religious nation. The fact that the rulers of Russia during the communist era — from 1917 to 1991 — stifled religion in that country is a primary reason that Russians now enjoy and take advantage of their right to worship without fear of persecution by the government. Christos Anesti! Christ has Risen!

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