And for some, this is Holy Week…

We’ve been struggling down the Lenten road towards this Sunday’s bright and glorious feast of the Resurrection, that with our fasting and prayer and communing and confession and Lenten retreats and so forth….that we might be able to celebrate the feast all the more properly and fully. Some of us have had to struggle more than others, though. The stories of flooding in the northeastern States comes to mind for example. In a news story about the devastating floods (here) we read the following quote which brings to mind the words of our Lord, albeit altered a bit, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do say….”

Demetri Skalkos, co-owner of McNamara’s liquor store, said about three feet of water stood in the basement. He said he was worried about losing business over the busy Easter period.

“This is the Holy Week,” he said. “… If we don’t do business now, when are we going to do business?”


One thought on “And for some, this is Holy Week…

  1. Fr. Milovan, I read that in local news and in local blogs. Unfortunately, this phrase caused some people to mock Easter/Paskha altogether.
    As Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev said in 1869, “We aren’t given talent to predict How our word will echo” 😦

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