Building upon our faith

“Faith, when it is inflamed in our hearts, is a witness of God’s presence in us. If that foundation, on which we build our lives, is right and true, then everything we build build on it, the right way, will be healthy and true.

For this reason does this holy fast begin with the Sunday of Orthodoxy, when we confess the right and true faith in the true God, born of a Virgin. We confess our faith in the Holy Trinity, receiving and accepting all of that which God revealed of Himself, of this world, us and our calling in this world.

The second Sunday, dedicated to Saint Gregory Palamas, shows us that building upon that pure, firm, faith in God in our lives, we receive from God not only our physical life, the passing life, we are not only made worthy of Him warming us with the warmth of His sun, to be fed with the fruits of the earth, but we are made worthy of receiving the light of knowing God, by that light which shines from the face of Christ, the light which is eternal.”

Metropolitan Amphilohije


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