The Holy Palamas Family

Bishop Atanasije (Jevtic) writes in the Serbian Patriarchate magazine Pravoslavlje (here, in Serbian) about the newly canonized family of St. Gregory Palamas. I thought of posting something about this event but can’t find anything about it online (in English at least). The icon of the Synaxis of the Family (left) was taken from Aaron’s blog Logismoi and he wrote a little something about the family last year (see here).

Bishop Atanasije reports that the Metropolitanate of Veria and Naousa (west of Thessaloniki) organized a celebration in honor of the entrance of the Palamas Family into the Church Diptych of Saints and their liturgical commemoration. Their feastday, by the way, will be on the Sunday following the 14th of November. The initiative came from the Skete of the Holy Forerunner (located in Veria) where there is particular reverence to this holy family and from Metropolitan Panteleimon who received positive feedback from two professors from the Theological School in Thessaloniki and submitted his request to the Holy Synod of the Greek Church.

As a side note the bishop mentions how, because of the large number of bishops serving and so “that there wouldn’t be a long wait for them to commune … a second Antimins was placed on the left hand side of the Altar Table and on it a second Diskos with the Holy Lamb and a Chalice…” He adds, “I saw a similar thing in Russia two years ago: Patriarch served with 135 bishops and tables were placed on the eastern side of the Holy Table with Diskos and Chalices….” so that the communing of the hierarchs wouldn’t take as long.


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