H/T: Orthodox Info, Homily delivered by Archbishop Chrysostom of Etna on the Second Sunday of Lent (here)

“One of the few commentaries on his life, in a book dedicated to the Pillars of Orthodoxy, refers to him as a member of the “Palamas” family, as though this great Saint were remembered for the nobility of his parents, who were, indeed, members of the Imperial Byzantine Court. Many names at the time, of course, were not like family names as we know them today, and the name “Palamas” was an honorific name derived, not from St. Gregory’s bloodline, but from the Greek word for “clapping,” thus meaning that the Saint’s family was lauded and honoured. And so, this worldly honour was transformed by St. Gregory into spiritual honour, which we commemorate when we refer to him as “Palamas,” one applauded for his spiritual stature.”


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