In the Church, all is iconic

The Orthodox hierarchs in the West came together for Sunday of Orthodoxy this past weekend for the third year in a row, celebrating the Divine Liturgy together. The Serbian Church in Alhambra was host this year and His Grace Bishop Maxim was the homilist.

“…For Orthodox Christians, this means that the Icon leads us to the Church. There we will meet the other in his or her true state. As Fr. Justin Popovich used to say, “in the Church we are taught to see (iconically) in every man our future brother/sister [as he or she is in] Paradise.” There, in the Eucharistic synaxis, we will see and meet God through our communion with others. So, the Icon gathers (synaxis) the community we call the Church. The Icon, then, is not only an object that we kiss and venerate, but an eternal synaxis that exists in moments, movements, and actions during the Divine Liturgy. Outside the Church, there is not the Kingdom of God; inside the Church, all is iconic.”

To read homily see here; to view photo gallery see here


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