The strong drive in humans

Fr. Ted had an interesting post on his blog (here) some time ago which I intended to link to but never got around to actually doing it.It is regarding chapter 4 of Genesis, in which Adam “knew” his wife. He writes:

“Adam knew Eve his wife…”    “Knew”… a Biblical euphemism for “had sexual intercourse.”  The very first thing the humans do after being expelled from Paradise is have sex which might give testimony to the strength of this drive in humans.   Were they afraid their “kind” might go extinct as a result of God’s death-threat punishment of them and so felt the need to procreate immediately?

Follow the link to continue reading. I admit that I never intended on starting Lent (the very first day, mind you) on this topic but I was reminded of it when I saw that Fr. Oliver Herbel made an interesting Lenten related post on his blog Frontier Orthodoxy dealing precisely with this “drive in humans”.  Namely, he asks the question: “…do the canons of the Church require that we abstain from marital intercourse during Lent?”

See his comments here.


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