We have no other path

Tomorrow is certainly one of the holiest days in the Serbian calendar. We commemorate Saint Sava, the first Archbishop of Serbia. His feast falls only days after the election of the forty-fifth Archbishop of Pec, Metropolitan of Belgrade-Karlovci and Serbian Patriarch. And in his homily on Saturday at his installment in Belgrade, His Holiness Patriarch Irinej spoke of the great need he will have in invoking the holy Saints of which our Serbian people have not, thank God, lacked. Rather, we have many beautiful examples of faith and sacrifice among our people. He continued:

“…And this is St. Sava in the first place. He is the one who drew for us our path. Christ’s path. The way of St. Sava (Светосавски пут). And we have no other path to seek; [to wonder] which way should we go. He traced for us the path to Christ, to righteousness, to truth and has only left us with the task of putting enough effort so that we might follow that path….”

4 thoughts on “We have no other path

  1. These words from St Sava seem prophetic given the name of our new Serbian Patriarch:

    “At first we were confused. The East thought that we were West, while the West considered us to be East. Some of us misunderstood our place in the clash of currents, so they cried that we belong to neither side- and others that we belong exclusively to one side or the other. But I tell you, Irenaeus, we are doomed by fate to be the East in the West and the West in the East, to acknowledge only heavenly Jerusalem beyond us, and here on earth–no one.”

    – St. Sava (of Serbia) to Irenaeus, 13th century

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