The New Serbian Patriarch

The words I quoted yesterday from one Serbian bishop who said that choosing the new patriarch is not something we should rush into but takes time are wrong. We have word that Bishop Irinej of Nis has been elected as the new Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Coincidentally, the quote was anonymous and I actually thought it might have been Bishop Irinej who is quoted quite often in the papers.

Here is a post from last year from Bishop Irinej.

Translation from photo above:

Bishop Irinej of Nis

Born in 1930 in Vidova, near Cacak.
Tonsured in 1959 in Monastery Rakovica.
Moravicka Vicar bishop in 1974
Bishop of Nis since 1975
Completed his post graduate studies in Athens.


5 thoughts on “The New Serbian Patriarch

  1. Many Years!
    May the Holy Spirit direct him to an authentic renewal of the Orthodox Faith and Holy Tradition and not the ‘traditions’ of men.

  2. Njegovoj Svetosti Arhiepiskopu Peckom, Mitropolitu Beogradsko-karlovackom i
    Patrijarhu Srpskom G. G. Irineju na mnogaja ljeta!


  3. You mentioned his name the other day. You actually mentioned both Bishop Irinej’s but his was the first one.

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