Best Man for the Job

Tomorrow’s the big day: the Election Assembly of Bishops to choose the new head of the Serbian Orthodox Church. So much has been said and written about it. Fellow blogger, George Patsourakos, posted something about this at his Theology and Society blog (here), that is, about the apparent division that exists among the hierarchs. Personally, I think the media is stretching things a bit. There is definitely a difference of opinion among the bishops on different issues. For the most part, however, these are not key issues but minor things. In other words, they all have the absolute same opinion on abortion.

In fact, the Church issued a statement a few days ago regarding inconsistencies found in the media regarding the upcoming election assembly. You can read that Statement here.

When will we find out who the next patriarch will be? A few days ago it was reported that it will possibly be known by the end of the first day of the Assembly who the new patriarch is. In tomorrow’s edition of Politika, however, there are bishops saying that this is not something to be rushed and we shouldn’t expect anything by the end of the first day. So, we’ll see I guess. In the end, as G. Patsourakos quoted Bishop Fotije, “It will be God who shall decide.”

And for that reason alone we know that it will be the best choice.


2 thoughts on “Best Man for the Job

  1. A special prayer for the Lord’s blessing on all clergy, 1st Peter, 5:1-12, 2nd Corinthians 4:8-11, Psalm 63. Dear Heavenly Father, we love you, thank you and am sorry for our sins. Please protect and guide our Serbian brothers who serve in the clergy and shepherd our flock. Please protect their families as they serve beside our brothers. Amen.

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