Christ is Born!


7 thoughts on “Christ is Born!

  1. Vaistinu se rodi!

    As for the Christmas trees from Russian perspective, we tend to put them up in the end of December (here, in US, before Dec 25, obviously, unless you want to use a recycled one) and take them down not earlier than Jan 14 – New Year day by Julian calendar (Old New Year as it’s called).

  2. For the most part they do.

    People tend to put their trees up sometime after Thanksgiving or mid-December. Whatever the case, it’s up for weeks before Christmas and usually goes down pretty soon after the holiday. The Badnjak, on the other hand, is something that is brought in specifically on Christmas Eve day and after the blessing of the Badnjak at church a piece is broken from the blessed tree, taken home and usually sits next to one’s prayer corner icon throughout the year.

  3. Fr Milovan,
    Vaistinu Se Rodi!
    Something i’ve been wondering about is whether most Serbs in the U.S. put up the fir/spruce tree for Christmas? I think that Greeks/Russians do this but was wondering to what extent it has been taken up by Serbs as well? How is it managed alongside the badnjak tradition?

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