The Perfect Gift

I have to admit, New Calendar Christmas is much more relaxing than the Old.  Everything’s closed, the kids are home and our Christmas is two weeks away. But hectic as it may be, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s feastday liturgy, not to mention the feasting afterward (see here).  Today is Christmas Eve and I’m slowly starting to wind down.  Serbs throughout the world went out this morning to find a Badnjak for their homes and Serbian churches everywhere had  their burning of the Badnjak this evening. I posted a nice homily about the Badnjak last year for those interested (here).

And in all the running around yesterday and today I stopped to get the mail this afternoon and found a nice surprise: a letter from my youngest altar boy. He’s written me little thank you notes before so, at first, I thought he decided to write another one. Then I saw that there was another letter and another and yet another. All from kids from the parish. As it turns out, they were all assigned a project at a winter retreat held last week at our diocesan camp (here), to write letters of appreciation to their priests (or something like that). You know, I have to say, even though it was something they did as an assignment and not spontaneously, it was still nice to get. Isn’t that the best present we can give someone on Christmas (or, for that matter, any holiday or any day) – just to say thank you? We spend so much time trying to find that perfect gift for someone we overlook the obvious. Yet those little things, those presents which hardly cost anything mean so much more.  They are the ones, unlike the gadgets or toys or even clothes, which never break and wear out.

A blessed Nativity feast to all.  Peace on earth to men of good will.


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