Time is an empty cup

“The New Year is not made up of time, but in Him who is the fullness of time, Who, when the fullness of time came, He came into this world, was incarnate and became man, fulfilling and consecrating with Himself time, space and all things of heaven and earth and all of God’s worlds. In Him is the New Year the Lord’s, He is the New Year….If the New Year only consisted of the calculation of time for us human beings then it would have have no real and true sense. Time is the same yesterday and today, as it will be tomorrow. Time, in and of itself, is an empty cup which has neither drink nor life until in it is poured the wine of life and until the bread of life descended from heaven and does not abide in us full of grace and truth. He is the One who frees those oppressed by sin, death and the devil and all of that which humiliates true human dignity. He is the One who preaches a pleasant year of the Lord, the New Year. He is the only new thing under the sun according to St. John of Damascus, since everything passes except that which He touches, whether it is time, times, nature, the universe, God’s creation or man as a creature of God. Everything passes and disappears, knows not its place, everything which He does not touch and does not fill with Himself and His Divine wisdom, goodness and beauty. He who is the only new under the sun, who restores every thing and all things, He is the New Year of the Lord, and as such a witness and preacher of that new and pleasant year of the Lord.”

– Metropolitan Amphilohije


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