A New Religion

There is an excellent blog out there which, I admit, I heard about some time ago but didn’t take the time to bookmark it (until now): Orthodox History. Its filled with so many interesting things.

It was actually reading the blog Mind in the Heart and a post about Orthodoxy in Colonial Virginia that reminded me of this site. Coincidentally, you can read about the Colonial Virginia piece here and here. There is even mention made (in the comments at least) of a Serbian man by the name of  George Fisher, or Djordje Sagic a.k.a “Djordje Ribar”. He studied to be a priest in Karlovci but later joined the army during the First Serbian Uprising, then traveled to Philadelphia before heading out to Mexico.

Anyway, one interesting post I found was about a certain Fr. Christopher Jabara. With all the talk of Orthodox becoming more and more ecumenist this guy seemed to be ahead of his time. After being banished from Russia he somehow ends up in America where he continues where he left off – spreading the message of a new religion. At the Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 he addressed the crowd and, among other things, stated:

“Columbus discovered America for the whole world and discovered a home for the oppressed of all nations. As Columbus discovered America, so must Americans show the people of all nations a new religion in which all hearts find rest. “

Needless to say, when he returned to his church the keys didn’t work. The Syro-Arabs ran him out of New York.

See here for the whole story.


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