No invitation required

I’m sure many of you have already seen this video. Watching it I was reminded of last week’s 60 Minutes episode with Patriarch Bartholomew when, at one point, security pulled him aside to inform him about a threat to his life. Of course, it seems natural that such threats would be commonplace given his environment. One would assume the Pope, on the other hand, is not only in the company of  fellow Catholics but admirers as well. The BBC reports that the woman, Susanna Maiolo, who attacked the pontiff was not taken to jail but to a hospital. She is reportedly mentally unstable.  Fox News reports that this is not an entirely new occurrence since this was the same woman “involved in a similar incident at last year’s Midnight Mass…. In that case, Maiolo jumped the barricade but never managed to reach the pope and was quietly tackled by security….In both cases she wore a red sweat shirt.”

One wonders if Susanna already had a track record how could she have snuck in again? Perhaps this is the Michaele Salahi and Tareq of the Vatican.  Whatever the case, a sad incident. A Merry Christmas to all on the Gregorian calendar.


4 thoughts on “No invitation required

  1. A very demonic incident, in order to distract the people there, and also for the secular world to get a good laugh at the leader of so many Christians.

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