A new Orthodox church?

The Serbian paper Politika had an article yesterday [here] about a group of Croatian citizens who are in the process of organizing a Croatian Orthodox community since it was recently discovered that there are some Croatians who are of the Orthodox faith.  The last time something similar was attempted was during WWII when the  so-called Croatian Orthodox Church was formed, essentially a political tool of the Ustasha used to destroy the Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox wishing to form this new religious community didn’t reveal their identity as they explain in a statement in one of the Croatian papers: “There is a large number of Orthodox who do not wish to identify themselves as Serbs. They declare themselves as Croats, but there are also other nationalities, and they ask that something be done so that they might be differentiated from Orthodox Serbs. Their children do not attend the Orthodox religious education classes offered in the schools since they would then be automatically considered as Serbs.”

Coincidentally, the Croatian Orthodox Church was never recognized. And as this new attempt looks to the example of the Macedonian and Montenegrin so-called Orthodox churches — both of which are non-canonical — I doubt this venture will go anywhere either, as least canonically speaking.  After all, if these Croatians really do want to attend Orthodox churches they can always attend the ones that already exist in Croatia.  I’m sure they know where they can find them. If not, they’ll be sure to recognize them by the swastikas and Ustasha “U”s spray-painted on their walls and doors [here].

13 thoughts on “A new Orthodox church?

  1. Tesla quote,

    There is something within me that might be illusion as it is often case with young delighted people, but if I would be fortunate to achieve some of my ideals, it would be on the behalf of the whole of humanity. If those hopes would become fulfilled, the most exciting thought would be that it is a deed of a Serb.

    * Address at the Belgrade train station (1 June 1892)

    On another note perhaps lobbying our freinds in Greece Cyprus Romania Sweeden Czechs and Slovaks to veto any attempts for Croatia joining the EU before it accepts the Z4 plan to guarentee the pogrom against Serbs stop and perhaps their can be peace and safety for all.

  2. This is just another purely demonic attack against the Orthodox in general and the Serbian Orthodox Church in particular. It is a political move on the part of the ustase to again attack and divide what’s left of Serbs in occupied Krajina. Without anyone paying any attention to it, they can’t do anything. It’s just like another sect popping up in the West. What else can you expect from ustase?

    God willing, next year in free Knin!!!

  3. Romanos, unlike Leah, misunderstands the matter at hand: what is truly odious here, what elicits disapproval of the strongest sort, is schism — though, of course, the Croatian and Montenegrin schisms are themselves based on ethnic hatred.

  4. Well if that’s what he says he is, then that’s a different story! I guess us Serbs have just wanted to claim him as one of our own 😉

  5. Slavko told me he was Croatian, though he really considered himself Yugoslav. Both were adults converts to Orthodoxy, though, regardless of their backgrounds.

  6. @orrologion: Emir Kusturica’s mother was/is Serbian and his father was a muslim. When he was baptized into the Orthodox faith, he took on the name Nemanja.

    From what I know about Stimac, he is a Serb by heritage, who was born in present-day Croatia. That certainly does not make him a Croatian!

  7. I suppose Croatians could establish their own Croatian Orthodox “independent church.” This being the case, they would not come under the Serbian Patriarchate. They could ask the Patriarch of Constantinople if he would recognize an independent Croatian Orthodox Church.(The Patriarch of Constantinople did allow Estonia to have an independent Orthodox Church and report directly to him a few years ago.) If the Patriarch of Constantinople disagreed with this idea, then it is unlikely that a Croatian Orthodox Church can be established.

  8. I don’t know that we should be all that surprised. Glad to see a blog with so much info on that part of the world!

  9. Actor Slavko Štimac is Croatian by birth, but he converted to the Orthodox Christianity of his Montenegran wife after the fled the civil wars. He would be best remembered for some of his childhood roles during Tito’s Yugoslavia and for his films with (Bosnian convert to Orthodoxy) Emir Kusturica, including Underground and Life Is a Miracle. Oddly, both are referred to as being Serbian in various places online, which would seem to point to the continued identity amongst South Slavs that Orthodox = Serbian and not either Croatian or Bosnian (i.e., traditionally Muslim).

  10. I just cannot understand how people can have such hatred, especially when it is one kind of Christian against another. How does Jesus Christ fit into all this? I experienced this intense animosity of Croats against Serbs, growing up in the outlying suburbs of Chicago, as I think I’ve mentioned before. I was a kid, and an ethnic one with nominal religious affiliation, and as I look back this was just a gangland mentality. As an adult when I came to terms with Jesus Christ as the living Reality and Lord of my life, suddenly all men are my brothers, and I want to welcome them all into my heart. All, that is, except those who insist on NOT leaving their weapons outside the door.

    Christ is born! Glorify Him! (Sorry, I know I’m jumping ahead, but I just needed some good words to conclude my comment.)

  11. Oh, goodness gracious, here we go again.

    (Meanwhile, have you ever noticed that the physical street address of the CPC’s Mr. Miraš Dedeić “Gruda b.b.” — that is, “a clod without a number”? I think it suits his whole enterprise just fine.)

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