Through the prayers of our holy bishop

While preparing for the reconstruction of the Cathedral Church in Mostar it was first necessary to remove the bodily remains of Bishop Leontije who was buried inside the church. Setting out for this task last month, November 13th to be exact, the team of workers headed by the local clergy expected to see bones and remains of vestments. Although this church was destroyed in 1992 during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, Bishop Leontije passed away much earlier, in 1888. Therefore it was with a bit of shock that they discovered something which is a rarity, the incorrupt bodily remains of the holy bishop.

I found this on the Serbian Patriarchate website this morning and hope to post more about the bishop in the future.


2 thoughts on “Through the prayers of our holy bishop

  1. I’m really desiring to hear more about both this Bishop and the news story itself. Can you direct your readers to the source link please (if it is available in English)?

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