Holy Cow?

H/T: MSNBC.com

The month: December. The place: A humble farm. The setting: Just perfect for an auspicious event.

On a cold, dark night in the wee hours of the morning, a baby calf was born. His nurturing mother, Fuzzy, welcomed him into the world by licking and licking his head — an act that obscured a special detail about the little guy that would soon generate headlines all over the planet.

“When we first saw the calf … the mother had licked the hair and it was all sideways and we thought it was a regular calf,” recalled Connecticut dairy farmer Brad Davis. “Then a little later on in the morning we went in and there it was, standing right out. It was really quite a sight.”“It” was none other than the distinctive markings of a white cross on the newborn calf’s forehead. The image had quite an effect on Davis, Davis’ relatives and friends and families all around the dairy farm.

“The first night that he was here, when we shut the lights out that night late at night, the only thing you could see in here was that cross showing in the dark,” Davis told the local Norwich Bulletin newspaper. “It was really quite a feeling. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck, actually.”

Davis’ 70-year-old father, Andrew Gallup Davis, told the Bulletin that he’s never seen a pattern like this on any of the thousands of calves he’s encountered in his lifetime.

“It’s not one you look at and you try to make something out of it,” he said. “It’s pronounced.”

3 thoughts on “Holy Cow?

  1. Perhaps a little spider named Wilbur arranged for the cross on the cow’s head to get our attention? Instead of “Some Pig,” it’s “Holy Cow”? Maybe this will preserve this calf to become a tourist attraction?

  2. I would have to say that the “cross” on the cow’s head is really just a white patch over the cow’s mostly brown color. It looks a little like a cross, but it really is just a white patch.

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