A Beautiful Video

Take some time and watch this beautiful video. You know, Patriarch was famous for his simplicity, for taking public transportation, for walking. It occurred to me watching this that he was the one led by a car while nearly all of Belgrade walked to his funeral. His famous words were, “Budimo ljudi” – (“Let us guard against inhumans, but let us guard even more against becoming inhuman ourselves. Let us be human.”)

One comment that I read somewhere online said: I was at the funeral of Patriarch Pavle this morning. What dignity, what exemplary behavior, spirituality and exemplary humility from the hundreds of thousands in the procession, something that we should all be proud of. We showed His Holiness that we know how to be human.


One thought on “A Beautiful Video

  1. That was an inspiring video of the funeral procession for Patriarch Pavle. Patriarch Pavle would have been mesmerized by the hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets . The music on the video was awesome.

    May his memory be eternal.

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