Bidding Farewell

Patriarch Pavle, before ascending to that throne, was Bishop in Kosovo for over thirty years.  Joining their current bishop, Bishop Artemije, for the funeral service yesterday in Belgrade were all the clergy and monastics from Kosovo. Memorials were served in the church sporadically, upon the arrival of each bishop. Following the service Bishop Artemije said the following:

“Your Holiness, alas, you go there where there is no sadness, or sickness or sighing – to the Heavenly Kingdom. You leave us on earth, on Kosovo and Metohija, which you cared for for over fifty years.

Behold, your children have arrived from Kosovo and Metohija, the clergy and monastics, to bid pardon from you, to receive Your holy blessing.

We prayed for the repose of your soul but we ask you, your Holiness, to not forget us in your prayers before the Throne of God, for we are convinced that you were pleasing to God, that you fought the good fight, that you finished the race and kept the faith.

You worried for us during your life on earth, care for us also from the Heavenly Kingdom, that we all might find ourselves there around you and around the Saints of our people, beginning with St. Sava until St. Bishop Nikolai, Fr. Justin and you, your Holiness.

May you have a good journey to the Heavenly Kingdom. May the Lord grant your soul blessedness, a place in heaven, and may the Serbian ground be soft for your body in Monastery Rakovica, that we all await the resurrection  of the dead which the Lord has promised those whom He loves, that in Christ’s Kingdom we might all be together around our Lord for all the ages and all of  eternity. Amen”

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