Funeral for Patriarch on Thursday


The Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church announced that the funeral for Patriarch Pavle of Serbia of blessed repose will be on Thursday, November 19th.  The Divine Liturgy will be served at the Cathedral Church, across from the Patriarchate, at 7:30 that morning with the funeral procession leading to the Memorial-Church of St. Sava on Vracar at 9:30. The funeral will begin at 11am and the burial will be at Monastery Rakovica at 1pm.

Photo: Citizens of Belgrade stand in line to pay their respects to their beloved Patriarch.


7 thoughts on “Funeral for Patriarch on Thursday

  1. dimitry-you can try this link as well:

    there are several different channels and you can try the various ones-it will probably be broadcast on most of them.

    my advice to you though is, log on early, the server fills up pretty quickly.

  2. You can expect hundreds of Serbians to fill the Cathedral Church — and even stand on the streets outside this Church — during the funeral services for Patriarch Pavle. Patriarch Pavle was loved by all Serbians.

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