Fr. Daniil murder a warning to +Kyrill?

H/T: From an American Orthodox priest reader living temporarily in Russia: I wanted to thank you for reporting about the martyred priest Fr. Daniil. I thought you might also be interested to know that there is some thought in the Church here that Fr. Daniil was murdered as a warning to Patriarch Kyrill. TheContinue reading “Fr. Daniil murder a warning to +Kyrill?”

Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost

We commemorate today St. Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist. Actually, we commemorate two St. Matthews. After the Resurrection of Christ and after the Holy Spirit descended on the Disciples and they were sent throughout the world to preach the gospel, St. Matthew preached, among other places, in Ethiopia. It was there that he appointed hisContinue reading “Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost”

Divine Liturgy — To Go

As nearly all dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church organized transportation for Patriarch Pavle’s funeral last Thursday, Fr. Jovan Plamenac ran into a little bit of a problem. As he serves liturgy every day the train ride from Montenegro to Belgrade would not give him the opportunity to do this. So he was left withContinue reading “Divine Liturgy — To Go”

On God’s Predestination

The text below is taken from the Daily Reflections of Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon. See here (for Sunday, February 8.) “Romans 9:14-24: God’s “predestinations,” His predetermined adjustments to the unfolding of history, are not arbitrary. They are founded on divine foreknowledge. “Predetermination is the work of the divine command based on foreknowledge,” wrote John ofContinue reading “On God’s Predestination”