Is it Just a Joke?

A recent episode of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm has left a bad taste in the mouths of some viewers. Namely, members of the Catholic League have already voiced their opinion.  Hopefully the rest of the Christian population in America will follow suit.

The episode in question, which follows the producer and star of the series, Larry David, shows him taking some medication which causes him to go to the bathroom more frequently than usual.  As he is in there a drop of urine accidentally reaches a nearby portrait of Jesus, landing  just below his eye. Later, some women mistake it for a tear and think it’s a miracle. In a statement from the president of the Catholic League, Phil Donahue, stated among other things: “Was Larry David always this crude? Would he think it comedic if someone urinated on a picture of his mother?” (see article here)

Personally, I’ve never understood the need of making fun of religion. I used to enjoy watching stand up comics on Comedy Central years ago. Many of them were clever and very funny but then, making fun of everything else, they’d end up saying something inappropriate about Jesus. Something that just wasn’t that funny. Actually, it’s not only jokes about Jesus or religion but the vulgarity in general. Makes you wonder just how far one will go for a laugh. I suppose it always bothered me in particular because I always enjoyed comedy so much and found a lot of these guys very funny and entertaining that it was such a disappointment to have to listen to them take it too far. In the end I just gave up.  I’m sorry but the excuse It’s just a joke just doesn’t apply here.  Some things in life aren’t meant to be a joke.  Making fun of Hot Pockets isn’t the same as making fun of God. (BTW, long, long ago I think Bill Cosby did a pretty good job in his bit about Noah.) Things have gotten way out of hand.

At any rate, it’d be interesting to see just how much reaction this gets considering the fury of Muslims at the slightest insult to the name of Muhammad.

5 thoughts on “Is it Just a Joke?

  1. That episode that degraded the Christian’s symbol was the most disturbing form of discrimination and hateful act against Christianity’s symbol. If the writers are so open about mocking religious symbols to this extreme and HBO defended this act as “Playful”, then are we anticipating seeing the same kind of act toward other religions’ symbols? Or it is a pure discrimination act toward Christianity and Christian people.
    It is never fine to make this kind of disturbing mocker about religious symbols and the least you could do is issue an apology. As for they people we are making sure that all the Churches, and the Christians know about how low HBO and Larry David have gotten and we think a boycott to HBO, the sponsors and Larry David’s work would be a good message from all the believers of all the religions.

  2. The producer of this “joke” and HBO itself should be ashamed of themselves for portraying the Lord this way. It is an unwritten law that we do not make fun of the Lord — even as a joke — when such a portrayal can be considered indecent.

    This is scatological film-making at its lowest possible level

    Christian organizations throughout America should demand an apology from HBO for this portrayal of the Lord. If HBO does not apologize, then these Christian organizations should ask their members to end their subscriptions to HBO.

  3. TV of today has become a tool for desensitizing, in particular, Christians. Constantly we are bombarded with gratuitous sex scenes, occult, anti-Christian themes and plain immoral vulgarity. The more people watch, the less they see. I have a ONE STRIKE, YOU’RE OUT system with tv these days, if you don’t meet my standards for me and my family, I don’t watch. I don’t understand where this recent fascination with Vampires and aggressive Christian defamation has come from.

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