Is it Just a Joke?

A recent episode of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm has left a bad taste in the mouths of some viewers. Namely, members of the Catholic League have already voiced their opinion.  Hopefully the rest of the Christian population in America will follow suit. The episode in question, which follows the producer and star ofContinue reading Is it Just a Joke?”

We are all Athonite monks!

The website of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Dalmatia offers on its English page a translation of an interview with Abbot Ephraim of Vatopedi monastery. The translation is a little rough around the edges but interesting to read nonetheless. The abbot gives brief answers to a variety of questions. For instance, in his reply toContinue reading “We are all Athonite monks!”

Оrthodoxy and Russian Schools

The article below is taken from The New York Times (here) and shows the shift taking place in Russian schools as of late. If I remember correctly, religious classes are offered in schools in Serbia but I think it’s optional. I’m not sure of the situation in Greece. Whatever the case, it’s an interesting perspectiveContinue reading “Оrthodoxy and Russian Schools”