What Constitutes Gossip?

H/T: Orthodox England In a Q & A forum offered on the Orthodox England website someone posed the question: What constitutes gossip? Strangely enough, the word ‘gossip’ originally meant ‘godparent’ and  it is connected with the word ‘sibling’. It is useful to recall, because it means that gossip comes about when people are too familiar,Continue reading “What Constitutes Gossip?”

O Venerable Cross, help me unto the ages!

Today is the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, a little Good Friday, for the gospel read in church this morning is the same one we hear during Holy Week. Of course, today’s feast commemorates an entirely different event, one which took place much later when Empress Helen, the mother of  Emperor Constantine,Continue reading “O Venerable Cross, help me unto the ages!”