Women Refuse Abortion

H/T: Interfax-Religion Half of pregnant women in a town near Perm refuse to have abortions after priest’s sermon Perm, August 28, Interfax – In Chaykovsky, the Perm Region, 40 percent of women visiting women’s health clinic refused to terminate their pregnancy after talking to an Orthodox priest. Women in Chaykovsky are issued an abortion appointmentContinue reading “Women Refuse Abortion”

Twelvth Sunday after Pentecost

The term “young” is quite relative. What a twelve year old, for instance, might consider to be young compared to someone, say, in their sixties are two different things. The gospel this morning describes how a “young man” approaches Jesus asking Him, What good thing must I do that I may have everlasting life? TheContinue reading “Twelvth Sunday after Pentecost”

Unconventional Notions about Hell

Regarding my earlier topic of praying for the dead in light of the Lord’s words who throws the bad servant among the torturers “until” he should pay back his debt, I remembered reading this in Kyriacos Markides’ The Mountain of Silence: “When I had once raised my concerns with Father Maximos, he reassured me byContinue reading “Unconventional Notions about Hell”

Accident on Mount Athos – Δυστύχημα στο Άγιο Όρος

Just received this email, don’t know if anyone has more info: Found more info here One pilgrim has died and 17 have been injured when the back of a truck they were traveling on came unattached close to Sveti Pavel Monastery in Athos, Greece. Local police sources stated that two of the injured have beenContinue reading “Accident on Mount Athos – Δυστύχημα στο Άγιο Όρος”