The End of our Life

Deacon Milan Medakovic quoted St. Bishop Nikolai (Velimirovic) in his Vidovan homily saying that the bishop: “… describes those that choose an earthly kingdom in the following manner: They are afraid of the kingdom of heaven because they cannot see where it begins; but they cling to the earthly kingdom, because they cannot see whereContinue reading “The End of our Life”

The Mystery of Sin and Death

In the recent Orthodox Life (which came in last week’s mail) there was a fascinating piece, Dostoevsky’s Spiritual Therapy, written by David Starr, professor at St. John’s College. At one place he cites a chapter from The Devils in which Stavrogin, with no real repentance, conveys to Bishop Tikhon his sins. After he admits toContinue reading “The Mystery of Sin and Death”