The Penance of our Choosing

should admit that the words from that wild social outcast, the fictitious character Ivar which I posted yesterday, in explaining his reasoning on why he went about barefoot, reminded me of our Lord’s actions in St. John’s Gospel, chapter 13. Namely, the washing of the Disciples’ feet and Christ’s words, “He who is bathed needsContinue reading “The Penance of our Choosing”

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost (Sts. Peter and Paul)

We commemorate today, dear brothers and sisters, two Saints, two Biblical figures who, when they are depicted in the icons, are frequently seen as embracing one another. These two Saints are, of course, the Apostles Peter and Paul and these past few weeks of fasting have been in anticipation of today’s feastday. Though the oneContinue reading “Fifth Sunday after Pentecost (Sts. Peter and Paul)”