A Good Sermon

H/T:  Архиерей, Archbishop Ignaty’s blog:

I don’t think the translation is that good, I used translate.google.com. For those who speak Russian, feel free to correct it.

The abbot, wishing to test his brother, asked him:

– What did I say today in the sermon?

– I do not remember – he confessed.

– How did you listen to it if nothing stayed in your memory?

– Forgive me Father, but when I wash my hands, the water does not remain on them. But the hands are very clean.

4 thoughts on “A Good Sermon

  1. You always make long posts. Why did you make a short one today? I should listen and think of what you are saying.

  2. i’m going to try the same approach with my wife the next time she catches me not listening to her 😉

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