V. Rev. Stavrophor +Nedeljko Grgurevich


I’ve been trying my best to blog this week. I left Sunday afternoon for St. Sava Camp in Shadeland, PA and will be returning home later this afternoon. Still enjoying the sound of childnen’s voices playing in the sun. Yesterday, in fact, was the only day that went blog free. Thursday is traditionally the day Liturgy is served and we go to the water park. It rained, at one point even poured but we still went, at least the dry part of the park and by the time we came back to the camp I was too tired to post anything.

Actually, I was busy as editor of the Diocesan and national website updating them with news of the repose of Fr. +Nedeljko Grgurevich, who passed away in the Lord yesterday morning. Since people follow this blog from all over perhaps you have come in contact with this wonderful priest from the Serbian Orthodox Church.

On the occasion of Fr. Nedeljko’s retirement a few years back Bishop Mitrophan, reminiscing about the good father, said, among other things:

“There is nothing better in life than to be remembered nicely. As our great poet Bishop Petar Petrovic Njegos says, “Blessed is he who lives forever for he truly had a reason to be born.” This is that “Memory eternal”, eternal remembrance, eternal love. It’s with our love that we defeat death, both ours and those whom we love. The wise Old Testament writer says, “Love is  stronger than death.” One contemporary Orthodox theologian says a similar thing when he writes: “When we say, I love you, this means – you will not die.” Rather, I wish you eternal life in the Heavenly Kingdom.”

You can read his speech in full here.

May his memory be eterna!

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