Just Don’t Tell the Priest

Isn’t it a small world? If you’re Orthodox, it is. I first heard of, then deacon, Gregory Edwards on the website of the Western Diocese as they reported, I believe it was his ordination to the diaconate.  As editor of the national church site, http://www.serborth.org, I was curious as to who this might be soContinue reading “Just Don’t Tell the Priest”

Russian Bells and the Future of Music

The above is an AP photo of a Russian woman reaching out and touching the bells as they arrive in St Petersburg on their way to Moscow. This week’s issue of The New Yorker had a nicely done article by Elif Batuman entitled The Bells, How Harvard helped preserve a Russian legacy, an article whichContinue reading “Russian Bells and the Future of Music”

In Our Own Language

Photo: New Gracanica during, I believe, the last snowstorm of the season sometime towards the end of Lent this year. As language in church services is a constant topic within the Serbian Church in America, this quote I found in Archimandrite Vasileios’ (Gondikakis), The Divine Liturgy – A Revelation of Creation*, shed some light. That is,Continue reading “In Our Own Language”