The Serbian Church and the ‘American Schism’

Instead of responding to Omophoria’s comment/question about the nature of the schism in the Serbian Church in America, I’ve decided instead to dedicate a post to the question. Instead of addressing the question myself I found a talk which was delivered by the Bishop of New Gracanica (the former schismatic diocese) Bishop +Longin, when heContinue reading “The Serbian Church and the ‘American Schism’”

Neither the sun, nor the moon…

H/T: Christ is in our Midst! (here) To the question: “Why did the Son of God appear on earth in a human body and not in another form of creation?”, the brilliant St. Athanasius replied in this manner: “If they ask why did He not appear in some other better form of creation, for example:Continue reading “Neither the sun, nor the moon…”

Sunday of the Prodigal Son

A homily by Deacon Milan Medakovic of the Serbian Diocese of Eastern America. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ today we celebrate the great feast of the Meeting or Presentation of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ in the Temple.  Additionally, we continue with our preparation for the Great and Holy Fast withContinue reading “Sunday of the Prodigal Son”