A Clip from the Baptism

We  finally found some time last week to post a You Tube clip from the baptism in San Diego. The baby was baptized at the Little Entrance and immediately afterward was brought to the bishop to be chrismated (seen in the clip below) after which the liturgy continued. I am the one standing in front the camera (I didn’t realize we were taping) while the older priest to my right is the bishop’s father.  Since I was serving and my wife was holding the candle, the mother held the baby for this part.

*It should open in High Quality for a better picture.  Just shaky for a few seconds while my wife was getting the camera onto the tripod.

5 thoughts on “A Clip from the Baptism

  1. Andrew:

    I love Bishop Maxim too. The baptism was great because we got some time to spend with him. Usually we are in large crowds and barely get a chance to chit chat. It was very enjoyable.

    As far as I know, the monastery is coming along. Slowly, I think.

  2. Fr Milovan,

    Bishop Maxim! I love that guy.

    Any word on the Serbian monastery that is supposedly being built in San Diego? I live in Southern California myself, and it’s difficult for me to get up to St Herman’s in Platina. I cannot wait to be close to a (male) monastery.

    Let me know!

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