I am building a temple!


H/T: Архиерей, Archbishop Ignaty’s blog

Three builders were carrying the same exact work.

-What do you do? -each of them was asked.

-I carry stones, said the first one.

-I’m earning a living, responded the second one.

But the third one replied: “I am building a temple”.

7 thoughts on “I am building a temple!

  1. Father Seraphim- so well put! You have such a poetic, yet simple way of explaining things. Still a big fan of your Orthodoxy Q/A! And your blog, of course.

  2. I try my best to live my life with this sentiment, and now I have a short “parable” for me to remember. This will definitely be shared with my parish.

    Nothing is mundane! I confess that much feels mundane – doing the dishes that I cannot remember dirtying, the Wed Vespers with 1 other person, the Thursday liturgy with the reader and the celebrant, the phone call from someone who likely will never come to church, the advice given that so far has not been taken, the prayers that are said with little feeling and much distraction.

    Much of life feels like vast amounts of “space” between short significant moments. But this is an illusion. This parable reminds me about the illusion. I will remember it and tell others of it. In time, with God’s help, we will not need such mnemonic devices to be good – we will be changed and see the truth in every moment.

    Thank you, Fr Milovan.

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