A Careful Attitude to Traditions

Though I’d like to get back to my translation of Bp. Mitrophan’s talk on the Holy Scripture in the writings of St. Sava, there is not much time for that now. Instead, I am posting some thoughts of the newly elected Patriarch of Russia on church reforms given about a month ago, taken from OrthodixieContinue reading “A Careful Attitude to Traditions”

Days of Saint Sava: On the Day of Saint Sava

Churches throughout Serbia and the world are celebrating St. Sava today. Many have already had their St. Sava programs either last weekend or last night, while some churches will be holding their’s this coming weekend. Pictured above is the beginning of the celebration in our parish, with the cutting of the Slava Kolach. On thisContinue reading “Days of Saint Sava: On the Day of Saint Sava”